DJ Black Coffee finds Sjava a gifted stranger

DJ Black Coffee finds Sjava a gifted stranger

DJ Black Coffee has caught wind of an older man who loves to sing and entertain. The DJ feels that the man has talent and wants him to sing with local singer, Sjava. Social media users have been roped in to help find the malume and it looks like they delivered.

DJ Black Coffee found videos of a malume singing his heart out and thinks that the man has talent. He feels that all the man needs is an opportunity – which he is willing to give. Black Coffee has reached out to Sjava, popular local singer, for collaboration. He even offered to produce the track for the pair, should they come together to make music.

Black Coffee has asked social media users to help locate the malume.

“I think he’s amazing, just needs opportunity, I think you two can really vibe on a track, I can produce it for you. Let’s find him.”

Judging by his reply, Sjava isn’t against the idea at all. noticed that peeps have come through. So far, it has been shared that the man’s name is Sphuzo and that he’s from a small local place called Betania in Port Shepstone.

Twitter users are quite excited and grateful towards Black Coffee for this and are hoping to hear the proposed song drop soon.


“Groetman I can just imagine the beat that song will be song of the year.”


“It really inspiring to see such things, people whom we look up to giving back to us this really tells that as much as they are already successful and known around the Globe they also desire the same thing for those whose talent is not yet seen thank you so much.”


“Thank you @RealBlackCoffee for being willing to do something like this…Thank you for showing my kind that you can be someone’s miracle/prayer all should not end by just wishing but being the DIFFERENCE.”


“Beauty is everywhere but only a few see it I’m glad you’re one of those few big ups my king find him and do best just like you did with black mosses.”


“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Gentlemen! At last! I am positive that both of you and Bab’ Mbili are going to release something amazing!”