Dineo Ranaka has been hit with a R18 000 bill for attending Somizi and Mohale’s wedding 

Dineo Ranaka has been hit with a R18 000 bill for attending Somizi and Mohale’s wedding

The DJ pulled out of occasion to go to Somizi’s wedding.

Metro FM moderator and DJ Dineo Ranaka has been hit with a R18 000 bill for neglecting to pitch for an occasion since she supposedly needed to go to Somizi and Mohale’s wedding.

On September 28, Ranaka was supposedly booked to act in East London, Eastern Cape for Reezyville Birthday wave party.

Sunday World can uncover that in a letter of interest sent to her and her supervisory group in November a year ago by advertiser Luyolo Ziwele from East London, Ranaka neglected to respect her appointments.

As indicated by the letter, Ziwele paid Ranaka a store of R12 000 and forked out about R6 000 in voyaging costs following a verbal understanding in September. The letter was sent by the legal counselors, Njuze Attorneys.

“Our customers consented to the particulars of the understanding and kept a measure of R12 000.00 into your record. Confirmation of installment is appended hereto checked C,” peruses the report.

“Voyaging costs were paid by our customers and confirmation of appointments adding up to R6 203.00 is appended set apart as D.”

The confirmation of installment, flight appointments and screen captures of WhatsApp discussions among Ranaka and Ziwele paving the way to the booked day of execution have been seen by Sunday World.

“Our customers therefore request that you pay them a measure of R18 203. 00 inside 10 days of receipt of this letter, bombing which our customers will make fitting legitimate move against you, at your expense.”

Addressing the distribution, Ziwele asserted that Ranaka called two days before the occasion saying she would not be accessible.

“It has been nine months now. Would she be able to kindly make the best decision,” said Ziwele.

“She dropped two days prior, as she said she would go to Somizi’s wedding. She vowed to discount our cash, however till today she has blocked me on each social stage.”

Ranaka’s reserving director, Liberty Nyati, who talked in the interest of the DJ, affirmed the oral understanding and store.

Nyati stated: “Before the understanding of repaying the booking expense, we had haggled with the advertiser to give our DJ an elective date as had been finished with different DJs.” Nyati included that the group is yet to repay the advertiser.

“The issue is the advertiser requested that we repay him for the booking expense [R12 000] which was limited and isn’t our standard away reserving charge. He requested we pay flights, convenience and ads costs, just as the occasion cost of which we completely oppose this idea.”

“We mentioned the advertiser to give us another date, we modestly and remorsefully made however many proposals as could be expected under the circumstances to determine the issue, yet the advertiser stayed pompous and forceful in his reactions.

Proceeded Nyati: “We will discount him, however we won’t settle up for convenience and travel, particularly since he was given a limited rate because of his objection about having a restricted financial plan.

“We had would have liked to fabricate a commonly valuable relationship with the advertiser, nonetheless, in his fierceness, he pompously pronounced that he needs nothing to do with our ability for the heartbreaking and guiltless mistake of defective planning.”


Source : news365