Dineo Moloisane: “I’ve seen money, I’ve been with people who got money.”, she causes Crazy to the men of SA

Dineo Moloisane: “I’ve seen money, I’ve been with people who got money.”, she causes Crazy to the men of SA

Dineo Moloisane
Dineo Moloisane

Social media influencer Dineo Moloisane is one in every of the foremost notable South African on the gram. Her banging and appears have helped her get the subsequent she has.

Nonetheless, Dineo is over what folks understand her to be. She may be a untiring bourgeois and a zealous mother to her children.

Despite the theatrical role standing that social media users have given her she wears several hats. we tend to got the chance to induce to understand her higher a handful of days agone once she featured on on Tebego Thobejane’s town ladies podcast.

Choosing Love Over Money

Dineo loves cash affirmative, however she’s a firm believer loving.

“If somebody would question me what do i like between cash and love I’d select love any day. I’ve seen cash, I’ve been with folks that got cash,” she tells Tebogo.

“Money comes with loads of issues and that i believe loads of ladies WHO square measure attached wealthy men particularly if you don’t bring something to the table however your appearance, most of them square measure abused and that they don’t wish to mention i

Dating Married Men

Dineo Moloisane shares her honest thoughts on chemical analysis married men.

“Guys I don’t date married men, I don’t believe married men. i like love. i would like attention and affectionateness,” she shares.

Dineo Moloisane: “I’ve seen money, I’ve been with people who got money.”, she causes Crazy to the men of SA 3

“I’ve ne’er dated a hubby and that i wouldn’t date a hubby. If you come back to Pine Tree State whereas you’re married don’t even, try.”

Why She Left Her Partner

Dineo left her partner as a result of he was AN “abuser and serial cheat.”

“I keep in mind at the time i used to be a student and that i had nothing. One issue that he did once I became pregnant with our 1st was that he stopped touch Pine Tree State.

“Whenever I had set to go away the connection the subsequent day, he’d get Pine Tree State a replacement automotive,” she tells Tebogo.

She was also a rapper

Dineo was a rapper at some purpose in her life however she has closed that chapter currently.

She had featured Reason and Emtee in one in every of her singles.

Her last song was pray. “I’m unsure if I buried that career or it’s on pause. I’m still considering it.”

She Is Currently In A Relationship

“I’m presently seeing somebody and it’s wonderful I don’t wish to lie. He has been terribly substantiative and on behalf of me if you like my children then you’ve won my hearts. the matter once somebody needs thus far Pine Tree State is that they need to be serious, that why i used to be skeptical”

Tebogo On Dating A Married Man

I’ve dated a hubby before WHO song to Pine Tree State that he was deed his adult female. i used to be dom and that i believed it. the sole reason i used to be with him was as a result of i assumed he was divorcing her however there was nothing like that.

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