Devcenter’s Free eBook Could Be Of Use

Devcenter’s Free eBook Could Be Of Use

Last December, we shared Devcentre’s State of Code Jobs document which shared interesting insights on Nigerian software development trends. The startup has now released a 2-part eBook giving tips on Hiring developers.

The document titled 7 Mistakes Managers Make When Hiring Nigerian Developers explores the Nigerian context but I felt most of the information I browsed through is applicable to Zim’s context as well.

The 2 books include the following information;

The use of Copy & Paste Job Descriptions/ Failure to create an honest Job Advert
Scheduling in-person interviews as the first next step after applications
Moving Too Slow
Having unrealistic expectations
Interviewing too many candidates
Lack of a definite onboarding plan
Discarding candidates for future hire
Each mistake acts as a chapter that describes the mistake itself along with giving advice on how to actually ensure the same mistakes aren’t made after reading the book.

Both books contain a combined total of 25 pages making this a concise read that should take interested parties a day or two to go through but save them the long hours associated with a terrible hire.


SOURCE : techzim