Death: video of DJ Dimplez interviewing Riky Rick leaving Mzansi in tears

Death: video of DJ Dimplez interviewing Riky Rick leaving Mzansi in tears

Death: video of DJ Dimplez interviewing Riky Rick leaving Mzansi in tears 3
Mzansi music business has very suffered a large loss following the death of 3 of the OGs of the sport during a short house of time!

Barely per week when Hip Hop star Riky Rick was buried, Mzansi recreation has lost another Hip Hop legend. Multi-award-winning DJ Tumi Mooi, popularly referred to as DJ Dimplez died yesterday.

According to the family statement, DJ Dimplez suffered a fast brain injury.

“It is with deep disappointment that the Mooi family announces the untimely passing of Boitumelo Athiel Mooi, popularly referred to as DJ Dimplez. He died on March half dozen 2022 from a fast brain injury,” reads the statement.

Meanwhile, simply five days past, following the death of his friend Riky Rick, Dj Dimplez shared a video on his Instagram page. The video shows his interview with Riky Rick on Pop Bottles.

Captioning the video, Dj Dimplez disclosed that he was very nervous on it day, however Riky Rick coached him through the interview. He aforementioned he managed to with success conduct his interview with Riky Rick as a result of his facilitate.

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I was so nervous on this day. Riky literally coached me through this interview. I by nature am an introvert, so this has always been my biggest fear. I literally begged my teachers back in school that I do my speech last, and when it eventually got to my turn, I’d beg to do my speech after school. This interview however I managed to do because of this man.

Dj Dimplez reminisced concerning the day they recorded the remix to the hit song ‘Amantombazane.’ He disclosed that once it absolutely was his intercommunicate get into the booth and rap, he got thus nervous the extent he needed to tug out. He claims Riky Rick came to his rescue and inspired him.

It kinda reminded me of when we recorded the Amantombazane Remix. The studio was packed full of all these big South African rappers. When it was my turn to get into booth I wanted to pull out. I was freaken nervous. Riky called outside the studio and we spoke about it. Riky told me to do me, and just hype the song. The reason I went in so aggressive in to that song was literally to let all my nerves out. Literally the whole studio was in shock.

I appreciate the time that God made for us. I appreciate every moment. Thank you so much.

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