Criselda Kananda after heartbreak: “Taking the risk of loving after heartbreak is quite daunting”

Criselda Kananda after heartbreak: “Taking the risk of loving after heartbreak is quite daunting”

Criselda Kananda after heartbreak
Criselda Kananda after heartbreak

Activist and media temperament Criselda Kananda has opened concerning permitting herself to like once more once experiencing heartache.

The activist took to her Instagram to share a number of her thoughts on learning to like once more.

“Working arduous to revive her ability to like once more,” she titled her post.

Criselda gave her followers insight into a number of the fears one has after they decide to love freely while not property the hurt of the past interchange their manner.

“Taking the danger of in love once heartache is kind of discouraging. You worry creating a similar mistake and being hurt once more. You imagine there’s one thing concerning you that produces it not possible for anyone to genuinely love you,” she wrote.

Criselda went on to advise her followers to ne’er count themselves out as unworthy true love. She inspired folks to figure towards their own healing and continuously actively participate in self-love.

“Delete that lie as a result of that that you worry grows. you’re merit love, you’re desirable and affirmative, it’s potential to like once more. simply provide yourself time to grieve and replicate. operating through your grief can assist you to giving up of your past and free you, in time, to like yourself and so another. reflective on what went wrong and your contribution to the break-up will keep you from creating a similar mistakes over and over. Be kind to you,” Criselda suggested.

The radio presenter then announce a video of herself taking and applying a number of her own recommendation.
Watch the happy video below:

Criselda disclosed in March last year that she was divorcing her former husband Siyolo Dudumashe. The activist went on to revert to her family name however did not share too several details at the time.

In could 2020, Criselda took to her social media to reveal the alleged abuse she intimate with during a previous relationship in hope of encouraging ladies to go away “loveless and dysfunctional relationships”.

“I keep in mind once he would decision Pine Tree State names, slap Pine Tree State for not being jealous. Tell Pine Tree State that if I leave him no-one can ever love Pine Tree State and i am cursed with him,” she recalled.

Criselda same she had to dig deep to seek out the strength to steer away. She told others United Nations agency is also probing a similar ordeal to not believe the lies they were told.

“Dear Motho, don’t think the lies, you’re merit love and be higher. we’d like to prevent encouraging ladies to remain in loveless and dysfunctional relationships,” she same on Instagram.

Criselda additionally spoke frankly concerning abuse in her memoir you’re ne’er Alone and told town Press at the time of its launch that she hoped the book would inspire ladies to visualize the wonder within themselves.