Covid-19 : I don’t care about any of you,” said Jub Jub.

Covid-19 : I don’t care about any of you,” said Jub Jub.

Uyajola 9/9 star is out to look for requital. Some have been mentioning that he postponed down in revealing their stealthy connections yet the star won’t down. The presentation of these issues and the redirection for Mzansi still continues.

A video has been surrounding through electronic systems administration media stages. In this video, Jub explai    ns that he’s not here to play. He furthermore communicates that when he was in Jail, no one did anything for him or helped him out when he required them and now he’s out for requital.

“There’s no cooperation in this show. I was unable to mind less if you know me or if you know where I work. In case you think Covid-19 is an issue, by then you haven’t seen anything yet. I was unable to think less about any of you,” said Jub.

For the people who may have missed a story on why the star was in Jail, two or three years earlier, Jub was Detained for manslaughter after a minor accident he was a bit of left four children dead in 2010. He was released on parole and returned on our TV screens with an impact. His Show has been slanting every Sunday and Mzansi has been loving his presenting aptitudes. The nuances on when this video was taken are so far rough.

source : twitter/instagram/ news365