Connie Ferguson’s eldest daughter causes a frenzy with her glow

Connie Ferguson’s eldest daughter causes a frenzy with her glow

Connie Ferguson oldest daughter; Lesedi Matsunyane-Ferguson caused a stir on social media together with her glow-up.
Lesedi Matsunyane-Ferguson is Connie’s daughter from her previous marriage with scriptwriter and director; Neo Matsunyane. Lesedi loves dressing up and make-up, unlike her younger sibling. Her younger sister; Alicia was recently within the headlines for wearing a dress and make-up for the primary time in 11 years.

Lesedi attended her parent’s premiere of King of Joburg last night and went all bent paint the town red together with her beautiful make-up and wonderful dress. She went viral yesterday on social media when she shared pictures of herself in make-up and during a red dress with red lipstick.

Her step-father; Shona Ferguson took to social media on the 11th of November to announce the premiere date of the highly-anticipated series; Kings of Joburg. The series; Kings of Joburg will make its debut on Netflix today (4 December 2020).

Lesedi made her parents; Neo Matsunyane, Connie Ferguson and Shona Ferguson grandparents a couple of years ago when she gave birth to a boy.

When she’s not working hard at the gym like her parents, she’s on TV. The actress made her debut on Rhythm City earlier this year when she played the role of an African-American 20-year-old; Davina Moore.

Though Lesedi is that the daughter of connected parents, she’s rubbished claims that she gets roles or any special treatment due to who she is.

The actress who’s also acted on The Queen said:

“Funny enough, even though there will always be nepotism claims. I’ve definitely built up a repertoire where, even though my families are linked, my craft speaks for itself. That in itself is a blessing.

I’m not in their shadow; I’m shining my own light and walking down the same path simultaneously. I’d like to think I’m adding to the lineage rather than being shadowed by it.”