Connie Ferguson loses copycat case against cosmetics giant Nivea

Connie Ferguson loses copycat case against cosmetics giant Nivea

Media mogul and television histrion Connie Ferguson and her business partner Joseph Nchabeleng, lost their charm at the Supreme Court of charm recently against cosmetics large Nivea house owners, Beiersdorf cluster.

Connie’s company Koni International Brands, landed itself in quandary in 2017 when it absolutely was defendant of stealing nail clipping large Niveas’s packaging on their assortment of men’s body care product Connie. Their merchandise were deemed the same as that of the cosmetic large, from the packaging and it absolutely was same that they’d deceive customers.

Beiersdorf vulnerable to require legal actions against Connie’s company and ordered them to get rid of their merchandise and buy legal fees. when AN in progress legal battle between the 2 company’s choose, Denise Fisher of the Johannesburg supreme court dominated in favor of Beiersdorf in 2018.

Connie defendant the corporate of bullying them and that they took the come to charm that there square measure similarities in their merchandise at the Supreme Court wherever they need lost. The court same there square measure similarities in their merchandise.

“Given the similarities between the appellant’s and respondent’s merchandise, the abstract thought is ineluctable that the appellant’s emblem is AN appropriation of the Nivea Men wave-label indicia on a similar quite product, thus on connect it to a familiar and established complete,” reads the judgment.

“This is braced by the very fact that the appellant’s emblem on its Connie Men shower gel is strikingly completely different from its emblem used on the Connie Wome complete, that bears an image of Ms. Constance Ferguson. Further, and in contrast to the Connie ladies complete, there’s nothing on the Connie Men vary that indicates any association with Ms Constance Ferguson.”

It was same that Connie’s merchandise may mislead customers as they give the impression of being similar which is able to lead to customers getting them. Connie may be a South African histrion born in African nation. The media mogul has become one among Mzansi’s most famous producers within the Storm Troops tv trade. She is behind a number of the country’s most-watched shows like The Queen, Igazi, and therefore the stream.

The histrion is married to actor Shona Ferguson and that they square measure still going robust. the 2 recently celebrated their nineteenth anniversary and this milestone was celebrated by many of us.

Speaking to Move Magazine regarding however they keep going robust she same “Shona and that i have nice chemistry and natural process, each in person and professionally. we have a tendency to perceive all too well that we’ll not perpetually agree on everything thus we’ve got learned the art of compromise. what’s necessary to United States of America is respect and knowing that we’re operating towards a similar goal,” same Connie.