Congratulations, ‘Imbewu’ has been renewed for a fifth season

Congratulations, ‘Imbewu’ has been renewed for a fifth season

Imbewu late night drama “ Imbewu” has been given a new timeslot and a new season.

Renewed for a fifth season, the drama wo n’t fail as the potent canvas tycoons of Kwazulu-Natal, the Bhengu family, hangs by a delicate thread.

Since the death of the primogenitor, Zimele Bhengu, the question of ascendance has been a sensitive one, and one stylish left alone, but the discovery of natural gas on family land in Umbumbulu brings this tactfulness to an abrupt end.

Divisions are drawn between Zithulele, and Nkululeko, both licit successors in their own right, forcing the Bhengu dowagers, Mandlovu and Mazulu to choose a side.

This life- changing discovery threatens to destroy commodity the Bhengu family has long sought to cover – its concinnity. For the first time in its history, the Bhengu family runs the threat of being a family divided.
The interesting new season brings about instigative changes for the product as well.

“ Observers can anticipate to see change in the illustrations from camera and direction. The wardrobe and style of each character has been given a refresh, and we ’ve opened up our world by shooting constantly on position, showcasing the beautiful geography Kwazulu-Natal has to offer,” said Khanyi Nxumalo, the patron.


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