Congratulations Are For Linda Mtoba

Congratulations Are For Linda Mtoba

Congratulations Are For Linda Mtoba
Congratulations Are For Linda Mtoba

Actress Linda Mtoba is securing the bag by all means. The River star recently ventured into business, she launched a replacement babies clothing line.
Taking to Instagram to share the exciting news, Linda said her clothing line was inspired by her daughter.

She said she often couldn’t find comfortable clothes for her so she decided to make clothing that permits movement which is crazy a baby skin.

She wrote: “I’d wish to introduce you to @bean.wearI started Bean, Wear after my Beanie Pie. I often found it challenging to seek out comfortable and matching sets for her to play and leave in.

“I wanted clothes that don’t restrict movement and were crazy our babies’ skin and to require the effort out of “what are you gonna wear today”. BeanWear is for EveryBean, it’s unisex. We officially launch today, I can’t wait to ascertain you beat your BeanWear.”

Other celebrities and fans took to the comments section to congratulate Linda on her new venture.

Actress Zenande Mfenyane responded: “Congratulations Mama ka Bean on this beautiful venture 🥰🥰🥰we are able to place our order.”

Omuhle Gela: “so cool congratulations can’t wait to shop for on behalf of me and my baby 💃🏾”

Linda recently celebrated her 4th anniversary . she said she has been together with her husband for 10 years. Taking to Twitter, Linda expressed her gratitude, she said she lives her best life.

She tweeted: “I’m so proud of my life. My husband and that i are together 10 years this year and tomorrow is our 4th anniversary . Thixo umuhle, I’ll never not express my gratitude.”

The pair was blessed a daughter in 2019, speaking about her Post-Partum Journey on Instagram Linda penned a heartwarming poem for her old body and her journey to loving her body post her daughter .

The poem read: “I remember touching you and feeling a stranger,
In the darkness, I’d hold you hoping you’d feel familiar.
I’d runs my fingers down you and check out to seek out traces of you, the old you but this was new.
You weren’t there, I wasn’t there.
So I took the time and reintroduced myself tried to urge reacquainted with this stranger my soul inhabits.

So bruised, so stretched. So not me.
It took a short time but soon I could bare watching her with the lights on.
The grooves of her body began to feel familiar.
My touch to her skin didn’t desire strangers meeting.

My reflection within the mirror became a well-known greeting.
Where she smiled at me and that i saw me.
This body, my body, was a stranger.
We worked hard to urge to understand one another again.
We worked even harder to like me again.

I found her, deep within the layers of my skin, I found her.
I’m happy to be together with her again, though bruised and scarred she remains.”