Congrats: Khani Mbau joins The Wife as S2 leading Zandile The Resolute

Khani Mbau joins The Wife as S2 leading Zandile The Resolute

Congrats: Khani Mbau joins The Wife as S2 leading Zandile The Resolute
Congrats: Khani Mbau joins The Wife as S2 leading Zandile The Resolute

Khanyi Mbau ( Unattached, Happiness Ever After) has landed the biggest part of her career she’s joining the record- breaking Showmax Original telenovela, The Woman, in the Season 2 lead part of Zandile The Resolute, playing the woman of Nkosana ( addict-favourite Mondli Makhoba), the leader of the Zulu sisters’ crime family.

Eagle-eyed suckers of the megahit show, which has outgunned Twitter every Thursday since its launch, will get their first regard of Khanyi Mbau as Zandile in Thursday’s occurrences.
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While she does point again – and more prominently – by Season 1, she ’ll take centre stage in Season 2, which premieres on Showmax in February 2022, and will be inspired by Dudu Busani-Dube’s bestselling new Zandile The Resolute.

“ Season 2 is told through the eyes of uZandile,” says Stained Glass showrunner Gugu Ncube-Zuma (eHostela, Ifalakhe). “ We ’ll be exploring Nkosana and Zandile’s love story and chancing out further about their history. We ’ll get to know Zandile as the dame of the Zulu family, the cement who held the Zulu sisters together. In Season 2, she wants to reclaim her position, a part that uHlomu has now taken over in her absence. Get ready to see the world through Zandile’s eyes.”
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After the unknown (but snappily forgotten) addict roar that saluted the original casting adverts of Hlomu and the Zulu sisters, Khanyi admits she’s understandably demoralized by the part. “ The topmost challenge for an actress is being a part of a story that everyone knows,” she says. “ That brings a lot of prospects that you need to live up to. There’s a cult around this show so there’s a lot of pressure. And before being part of the cast, I’m a addict, so I really do n’t want to drop the ball. For me to depict this character is really commodity that can either make me or break me, to be relatively honest with you, but I love the exhilaration.”

Gugu is confident that Khanyi is impeccably cast. “ Khanyi is talented and had the range so necessary for this part,” she says. “ She has depth and rawness; she’s suitable to tap into the dark side that Zandile has, as well as give that vulnerability that we ’ll see, especially with the love between her and Nkosana. As a product platoon, we ’ve worked with her ahead, and we know she ’ll bring that fortitude that’s demanded for the character of Zandile.”

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The Woman opened to rave reviews in November 2021, breaking both Uthando Lodumo’s first day and Devilsdorp’s four- day Showmax viewing records in the process.

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