congrats: Ayanda Mthiyane gets a big role on Imbewu

Ayanda Mthiyane gets a big role on Imbewu

Ayanda Mthiyane gets a big role on Imbewu
Ayanda Mthiyane gets a big role on Imbewu

After disbursal her entire career behind the scenes, Ayanda Mthiyane has finally grabbed a chance to be before of the camera.

Mthiyane is that the newest forged member on “Imbewu“ and plays the character, Mzion, a rough and difficult inmate.

“I are behind the scenes throughout my whole career, however once it’s it slow you’re taking it and run with it.

“Mzion may be a girl World Health Organization thanks to her circumstances within the geographic area enraptured to town|the town|town} and her lifetime of crime within the city semiconductor diode her to jail.

“She may be a ring leader, fearless, unstoppable and affirmative corrupt as ever as she involves different girls to participate in acts in jail. I anticipate to her story evolving additional in jail or on the skin,” aforesaid Mthiyane.

Admitting she didn’t watch the show she quickly started catching up to familiarize herself with the characters and storylines.

“I can confess, the minute i used to be told i’m auditioning, I started looking therefore I will have a thought of all characters within the show, however currently I watch daily with my youngsters reception. once my 2-year-old sees Pine Tree State on screen, he appearance at Pine Tree State live, then on TV, then live once more … we tend to ar fans currently,” she said.

Mthiyane’s character has been on the show since March thirty and can still bring audiences lots of drama throughout season four.

“I’m excited to be a locality of this production and that i will make certain I bring it on camera. I appreciate and respect my colleagues furthermore for being open and providing Pine Tree State positive criticism.

“I anticipate to being consistent in my future roles additional particularly as a result of I respect myself and also the arts,” Mthiyane aforesaid.

Talking regarding her new found fame, she aforesaid she is unquestionably receiving additional attention today.

“Me and fans, it’s all therefore new. i have to say i’m obtaining additional attention from individuals, around my home my name is currently Mzion , generally they even observe Pine Tree State before of Pine Tree State.

“I am additional alert on my surroundings currently. My sisters are my greatest supporters and strength.

“We lost our oldsters in Gregorian calendar month and if there’s anyone I wished to examine Pine Tree State on TV and listen to their voice and excitement it’s my oldsters,” she disclosed.

Mthiyane urged viewers to tune to the show.

“The plot is hot straight away with all the various story angles therefore please tune.

“The level of expertness is additionally awful and refreshing and that i would really like to give thanks everybody for basic cognitive process in Pine Tree State and receiving Pine Tree State therefore well,” she accessorial.

Catch Ayanda Mthiyane on season four of “Imbewu”, weekdays at nine.30pm on