Comedian Farieda Metsileng talks about bagging the lead role on ‘uBettina Wethu’

Comedian Farieda Metsileng talks about bagging the lead role on ‘uBettina Wethu’

 Farieda Metsileng talks about bagging the lead role
Farieda Metsileng talks about bagging the lead role

After creating South Africans laugh along with her humourous skits on social media, thespian and comedian Farieda “Pharoahfi” Metsileng is prepared to leap into her initial lead role in an exceedingly series.

Farieda can lead the solid within the South African adaptation of the popular U.S.A. show, “Ugly Betty”.

Titled “uBettina Wethu”, she’s going to play the role of Bettina within the television program.

“As very much like there’s pressure of however folks can see or understand Maine, I don’t wish to exert any longer pressure attempting to measure up to being a lead.

“Instead I check up on it as a chance to diversify my art and sharpen my talent. I’m simply pushing myself out of being typecast and simply deliver the simplest quality performances on every occasion i’m on set,” aforesaid Farieda.

About her role, she says it’s fully completely different from anything that she’s contend before.

“I’m terribly excited to play Bettina as a result of she’s fully {different|totally completely different|completely different} to any character I’ve ever contend and then different from Maine physically, in terms of her clearly terribly vintage look. She’s virtually nothing like i’m however elements of her resonate with Maine.”

Upon reading the script, the comedian aforesaid that she was intrigued on however the South African adaptation of the show would unfold.

“There ar several similarities in terms of the core plot however there’s a South African aptitude and nuances which will sure capture the audience. I’m excited to ascertain however the general public can receive it.”

Preparing for the role was a small amount of a challenge for Farieda, however one that she has enjoyed.

“Luckily on behalf of me, I had already seen ’Ugly Betty’ years previous thus I took sure temperament traits from yank Betty however additionally toned myself right down to bring forward her pure qualities.

“She’s sweet, a small amount naive however terribly bold and determined. Her pertinacity sure enough things even has Maine dismayed.
She features a pure spirit. thus taking from my very own generally awkwardness and enjoying it a touch a lot of was a challenge however one I actually have been enjoying depiction.”

Comparing the reserves adaptation to the U.S.A. show, Farieda aforesaid that viewers will certainly relish it.

“I don’t even suppose they’ll create a lot of of a comparison to the yank Betty. Bettina’s life are some things plenty of South Africans will relate to,” she said.

She aforesaid reserves audience will expect to ascertain one thing contemporary and well shot, with stellar performances from new faces and seasoned actors.

“We can introduce them to a fun however instructional story. It’s one thing family oriented and it tackles docile moments, parting episodes and hopefully conveyance awareness to sure problems.”

Right now, Farieda is aiming for the celebs and hopes this new show can take her places, however aforesaid it’s up to the viewers.
“I will solely aim for the celebs, and it starts obscurity. WHO is aware of what this may do on behalf of me. I’ll resolve with you guys,” she said.