Cassper Nyovest shows off his expensive accessories For Fans

Cassper Nyovest shows off his expensive accessories For Fans

Cassper Nyovest shows off
Cassper Nyovest shows off

Rapper Cassper Nyovest could also be making waves as a resident groover within the amapiano genre, but the rapper still flexes the ol’ hip-hop way. this point he reminded people he was chilling and said the worth of the jewellery on his hand could buy one among them a VW Gold GTI then some.

The rapper took to his Instagram Stories to share moments from his Monday which he spent chilling together with his friend at club Ayepyep in Cape Town , where they were enjoying the favored Mogudu (tribe) Monday.

In his one among his videos, Cassper greets one among his mates on camera by extending his hand adorned with diamond-encrusted accessories (a ring and a watch). He then proceeds to ask him, “Ke ho dumedisitse ka bokae moo? (Do you recognize what proportion I’ve just greeted you with) ke GTI le eng le eng moo? (It’s a GTI and what else?).”

His friends all laugh in response before Cassper turns the camera to selfie mode and says: “Ah nna hao sa tle, ong’google! (If you do not believe the hype, google me!)”

Watch the IG story below:

The rapper, who has his state of mind on being a billionaire within the near future, has never been one to keep faraway from showing off his hard-earned riches.

From his huge mansion to his expensive luxury vehicles straight to his expensive jewellery, Cassper makes sure the planet knows what he has because he proudly proclaims they’re rewards of his diligence .

While he often receives a backlash on social media when he flexes his wealth muscles, his fans live for the content he shares and a few have dubbed him their inspiration.

Taking to his Twitter, Cassper recently made it known that as long as God keeps blessing him, he will boast his blessings, small or big.

“Lol… Y’all can talk, tweet, subtweet, hashtag all you would like . the very fact is I’m highly blessed and God is gonna keep blessing me right ahead of your eyes.”