Cassper Nyovest talks about the great wealth of money for his baby mama Thobeka, she has more money than him

Cassper Nyovest talks about the great wealth of money for his baby mama Thobeka, she has more money than him

South African media personality, Cassper Nyovest, has gotten himself embroiled in his good bit of drama of the years, which has seen him being pinned again a number of the opposite hip hop heavyweights within the country. His rivalry with AKA appears to be an ongoing issue, however, his relationship with Riky Rick remains to be a soft spot for the rapper.

In an interview with Slikour on Wednesday, 5 November 2020, Cass laid it all out on the table and opened about things we’ve been dying to understand about. Starting off together with his impending match with AKA, Cassper assured the host that it had been definitely within the works. Cassper said, “I was just on the phone together with his manager about the date of the fight … this is often personal because most are demanding this which. Everyone sees this big cheque thereon which isn’t realistic in SA.

It’s an enormous idea once you believe it like, you’ll make R400m … but the reality is it’s to form sense. Everybody thinks we will make R10m each from making this thing but I don’t see s making such … what I would like to try to to is fight no matter the cash. So, I’m on the phone with this dude and I’m like ‘Bro, let’s take whatever we’re offered on the table and let’s fight cos I’m uninterested in talking for therefore long.”

Slikour took it upon himself to even show him videos of AKA within the prize ring preparing for the match, to which Cassper couldn’t twiddling my thumbs the laughter. He even went as far as comparing him to Connie Ferguson, claiming that they both have an identical boxing stance.

Moving on to his friend with Riky Rick, Cassper explained that he’s still hurt by the ending of their friendship and the way it’s affected his mother. He shared that his mother was very worried about their feud because she considered Rick her son, and wanted to understand why her “sons” were fighting. Ultimately, he hopes that they’re ready to reconcile within the future as he doesn’t want the drama in his life.

The new father couldn’t help but dote on his baby boy, Khotso, and his baby mama, Thobeka, stating that fatherhood had truly changed him. He stated, “Now that I even have a son, everything has meaning … I would like to measure long enough to show him all the items I’ve learned and that I don’t want him to measure without a dad due to my poor health decisions.”

On Thobeka, Cassper says he knew she was different from all his other girl because she resistant him for the longest time. “l was a player at the time, l had tons of women around me, I’m a celeb, l have money and l am funny so girls loved that. I had to pursue her and it took an extended time for her to listen to me out. She wasn’t excited about my money. She is from an honest family and is perhaps richer than l am.