Cassper Nyovest defends his ex-girlfriend

Cassper Nyovest defends his ex-girlfriend

Cassper Nyovest defends his ex-girlfriend
Cassper Nyovest defends his ex-girlfriend

Boity Thulo has been within the spotlight currently due, to her physical quarrel with Bujy Bikwa at a edifice in Midrand. individuals have weighed in on the heroic tale however Ifani set to form fun of Boity by creating Associate in Nursing offensive, sexual remark.

“If God gave ME an opportunity To hit Boity. i would not use a bottle,” was what Ifani aforesaid regarding his crush Boity and he received some backlash from this. Twitter has since deleted his tweet oral communication it profaned the company’s policy. This could be thanks to the various reports it received from individuals. additional particularly from Boity’s ex young man and her rumoured lover Map Maponyane.

Cassper known as Ifani Associate in Nursing retard, and a bum, “I’ve invariably seen you as Associate in Nursing retard mara nou o fetelletse. O sebono militia motho sani!!! Sies!!”

Maps Maponyane additionally slammed Ifani and failed to take his ‘insult’ gently. He 1st subbed him and aforesaid, “Damn, the items tweeted by big men on here beneath the gloss of ‘humour’ is simply embarrassing.”

He then commented directly on his tweet by oral communication he ought to respect himself.

Ifani’s fans defended him by oral communication it absolutely was simply humour – a dark one may we tend to add – which he meant no damage. They additionally known as out the 2 artists for keeping quiet once the total incident started however solely set to talk out currently once Ifani got concerned.

People suppose they were frightened of being off by the LGBTQI community ought to they need spoken negative things regarding Bujy in Boity’s defense.

Ifani has invariably trended since creating a return however not for his music. The rapper invariably takes aim at AKA and in some occasions alternative rappers, however his fight has invariably been with AKA UN agency mizes him by the means.

The last time he took a jab at AKA was once he was promoting his new single with massive Xhosa titled, Ikuku Endala. “Music video done (ikuku endala) massive Xhosa could be a dope child, a young dyan a good soul. I want him ALL the success I had and more! And no downfall like ME. No aka-like individuals killing his dreams. and that i want he nyams his crush – in contrast to ME & Boity. currently i am back in studio!!” he tweeted.

When he came back, he proclaimed that he’s not dead and needed to inform AKA himself. however that was once AKA was still wanted up together with his late bae oil Tembe. “Let ME go tell AKA. i am back from DEAD.”

AKA mized him as was common therefore he set to require a dig once more, “When I left the sport I defeated individuals…my people. currently i am back To bilk the individuals I left within the game. Your individuals…No, I’m lying, ONE people: Super Mega,” he tweet.

But once AKA lost his Nelli, Ifani gained no sympathy and still took jabs and created fun of him while he was mourning. “I’m therefore glad i am not a star any longer I compassionate Nkosinathi, I compassionate Kiernan (crying face emoji). No, wait, sungxama (don’t get mad)… I compassionate Nkosinathi qha, (only)” he tweeted.

By Nkosinathi he meant Black low, UN agency was surfing a untidy twar together with his ex-wife Enhle Mbali.

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