Cardi B presents and launches a new TV show #CardiTries

Cardi B presents and launches a new TV show #CardiTries

American Rapper, Cardi B has decided to try to to something sweet for her fans as she launches a replacement show. The star is especially known to be into music but she also found how to draw her fans and lovers more closer to her.

Taking to her Instagram, the Cardi shared a snippet of what the show is all about as she made it known it’s titled, “Cardi Tries”. consistent with the rapper, it’s launching today as she reveals where it’ll be shown.

The 28-year-old mother of 1 are going to be joined in each episode by actors, athletes and experts within the field, including Michelle Rodriguez from the Fast & Furious series and Debbie Allen of Grey’s Anatomy, among others.

This is not Cardi B’s first time on reality TV and she or he may need an honest grip on what it takes to run a reality show, considering her time on Love and Hip Hop. aside from the very fact that Cardi B had prior experience on reality TV, she has often been open about her life, especially on social media.

Cardi captioned: “Get ready YALL! My new show ‘Cardi Tries ____’ launches today! Watch me try ballet, stunt auto racing and basketball to call a couple of . My first episode launches today and each Thursday at 12pm EST (I’ll put the link in my IG story) on @messenger and @instagram video chat.