boycott the Fergusons until Shaka comes back to The Queen

boycott the Fergusons until Shaka comes back to The Queen

When fans get too invested in a show, their feelings get the better of them. The Queen, a Ferguson Films production, left many fans in their feels when their favourite character, Shaka Khoza, played by SK Khoza departed in a way that was not fit for his character.

It was said that he will be leaving the telenovela, but many viewers anticipated that his departure would be temporary and possibly return in the near future.

Last night’s episode sent shock waves when Shaka was burned by Dingane, played by Nay Maps. That was assurance to many that his character is gone for good.

The confusion some viewers have is that SK Khoza was fired from the show, even though it came to light that he left to join a Ferguson Films production called Kings Of Joburg. This resulted in fans starting a petition to bring back their beloved Shaka on the Queen.

The petition, which aims at getting 7 500 signatures, is currently sitting on 5 000+ signatures and counting.

Fans who promised to boycott Ferguson Films because SK was fired or had he left, were however intrigued by the shows’ recent storyline. They also promised to boycott the telenovela till SK returns to The Queen.

Perhaps his next role on Kings Of Joburg will help many viewers find solace, especially as they anticipate his debut in the new show.