Bongile Mantsai on his villainous role on Scandal . “I cried a lot”

Bongile Mantsai on his villainous role on Scandal . “I cried a lot”

The Langa family thought they disposed of him when they gave him R10 million to skip town. Be that as it may, the tricky Mthunzi Mayisa, played by Bongile Mantsai (38), is back and secluded from everything, leasing an office and a level and wanting to bring down the Langas. When Bongile joined Scandal! numerous watchers griped about his character and addressed why he never gets captured for his horrendous wrongdoings.

Be that as it may, when the journalists offered him a two-month reprieve, fans started to miss his insidious behavior.


In spite of the fact that he currently adores playing the baddie, when Bongile was first cast for Scandal! he wasn’t quick to play a scoundrel. “Mthunzi and I are direct inverses,” he says. “At the point when I got the part, I was very apprehensive about how individuals would see me.”

In any case, the open door came at the opportune time – he was called to try out for the cleanser a month after he’d fled Cape Town for Joburg in the wake of accepting passing dangers because of his job as a gay man, Vija, in the honor winning film Inxeba (The Wound).

“I wasn’t fleeing in essence, however I should have been sheltered,” he says. “I was getting passing dangers via web-based networking media and SMS and even individuals I knew were considering me a rat. I required time away from all the consideration.”

Tough situations

“It was perhaps the hardest a great time,” Bongile includes. “I experienced genuine sadness. I missed my family and my life. I was in an extremely dim space and feeling practically self-destructive. “I cried a ton, I wasn’t eating, I shed pounds, I began getting alarm assaults. What’s more, I feared swarms. Right up ’til today enormous groups make me restless.”

He had to briefly exit his position of 10 years at Cape Town’s Baxter Theater, where he was a masterful executive taking a shot at network based undertakings. “I was unable to go to the townships toteach any longer in light of the fact that my life was at serious risk.” He figured individuals would comprehend that he was portraying a story. “Everything I did was recount to an account of two sweethearts without subverting custom. I despite everything stand by that – I’m an on-screen character and my job is to recount stories.”


Amidst the trouble, Bongile got a call from Jakes Mhlaba to go for the Mthunzi job and got the part. At first he should take a shot at Scandal! for two months before continuing his work at the Baxter. “Yet, the Mthunzi character continued developing and has become an easily recognized name that individuals love to abhor.” Bongile now adjusts his time between the Baxter and Scandal! what’s more, approves of working between two urban areas. “I’m energetic about the work I do at the Baxter and I attempt to be in Cape Town consistently.”


Not long after getting cast in Scandal! Bongile got a job in a boxing film, Knuckle City. In any case, increasingly intense occasions were to come. “My father, Chithibhunga Mantsai, was determined to have malignancy of the throat while I was shooting Knuckle City,” he says. “I returned home to see him. He revealed to me he was glad for my work.” Bongile says it has been extreme acclimating to distinction. “I would like to become accustomed to it soon on the grounds that acting is my first love.”