Bongani Fassie: No one want to work with me

Bongani Fassie: No one want to work with me

09 Feb 2018. Bongani Fassie a musician best referred to as the son of the late Brenda Fassie and was a member of the hip hop outfit Jozi, with Da L.E.S. and Ishmael. He was additionally a former massive Dudes band member, enjoying the piano, drums, stringed instrument and congas. He created hip hop and pop hits as a solo and a bunch creator, emotional his debut solo album African Boy at the age of ten.Picture: Moeletsi Mabe/Sunday Times

The latest episode of Bongani Fassie’s reality show Finding Bongani has set tongues wagging.

The gifted musician United Nations agency was a part of organization Jozi discovered he ne’er knew had a relationship together with his father.

He same all the boys United Nations agency were in a very relationship together with his mother, painting singer Brenda Fassie, were once her cash.

“Yes, they were smitten however in most cases I saw that money was a giant issue as a result of once she was skint, they’d disappear,” he said.

“They tried being my father surrogate however they didn’t last. the sole 2 I will really salute square measure Ludwe Maki and Nhlanhla Mbambo and I’m not speech communication father surrogate as in they were married to Brenda however a father figure.”

In the show, the star additionally tried to fulfill up with fellow Jozi member Ishmael, however the singer stood him up. He then started gap concerning the very fact that he forever questioned why individuals didn’t need to figure with him.

He same district attorney L.E.S, United Nations agency was additionally a part of the cluster, et al. forever speak and say he’s mad, unstable, or that he’s forever high.

“Others MEasure} fearful of me,” he said.

I respect the likes of Maphorisa, Kabza First State little and Black low, I keep knock on their doors however seldom get responses.

He then shared the story wherever he had scored a giant chance to figure with Snoop Dogg however apparently somebody he wont to work with him stopped it.

“Do you keep in mind the Snoop Dogg story, once he needed to require Maine? I visited one amongst his shows with my passport and he needed me to pack my baggage thus we will leave.”

But following day he wakened to news headlines speech communication he had turned down the chance to figure with the yankee rapper.

Bongani additionally spoke concerning the very fact that once his mother died, he started losing friends.