Bonang’s BFF Rips Into Ntsiki

Bonang’s BFF Rips Into Ntsiki

Bonang's BFF Rips Into Ntsiki
Bonang’s BFF Rips Into Ntsiki

Ntsiki Mazwai is understood for criticising celebrities and politicians whenever she feels the requirement to. Some do get up to her however others ignore, block and move all along. however once she came for Bonang Matheba, for the umteenth time, social media users dragged her, however one amongst the stingiest clap backs came from Bonang’s superb friend, influential person Babalwa Mneno.

The writer claimed that Bonang isn’t a real reflection of what black excellence is as she doesn’t own the brands she associates herself with, i.e. House of BNG. This week, Ntsiki selected violence as she known as Bonang a selling gimmick for the $64000 homeowners of House Of BNG, that she claims square measure race.

“Believing Bonang owned the wine (House Of BNG) was like basic cognitive process she owned Revlon….She is simply the selling gimmick to sell these merchandise. Not the owner,” she said.
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She then went on to elucidate what a true bourgeois is, “Entrepreneurship is what i am doing with my beadwork…. wherever I own the complete price chain for my product and build ALL the choices. Pricing, marketing, design, pay employees. Everything. it’s not this cut and paste your name onto different people’s merchandise,” she wrote.

Babalwa Mneno, Blackbarbielish on Instagram, clapped back at Ntsiki and known as her a loser. She commented on associate immunoglobulin post and aforementioned that Ntsiki continues to be having nightmares concerning Bonang ten years later. She then asked if Bonang is that the solely blackamoor to not totally own their own wine or alcohol whole asking why Ntsiki perpetually attacks her.

She then continued by speech communication Ntsiki ought to be open minded concerning some things speech communication that perhaps being a selling gimmick would cause you to extra money than truly being the only owner of the whole and beginning it from scratch.
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“I’d rather take advantage a pair of.5 million in being a gimmick than money nothing as a result of i can not own it,” she wrote. She then suggested her to travel obtain facilitate from ancient healers, “This bondage of attempting to fetch Bonang is heavy, borderline obsession.” She then known as Ntsiki a useless loser.

Read the total clap back below:
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Babalwa’s clap back Image credit: Twitter

Ntsiki failed to take the clapback lying down and hit Babalwa wherever it hurt the foremost. Babalwa was once suspect of human trafficking and being in collusion with Nigerians. the primary allegations arose in 2018 and human trafficking became a retardant once more within the country, the allegations came back with individuals speech communication Babalwa could be a pimp.

Ntsiki suspect Babalwa of operating with government and receiving dodgy funds for her “artistry” however not knowing wherever the funds went.
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In her first language Babalwa obstinate at individuals and told them wherever to induce off. It interprets to, “Fk you and your folks to any or all those very little items of st World Health Organization square {measure} accusative me of pimping!!! Go and f**k yourselves, all of you, bloody starving dogs! FUTSEKKKK!…the end!”

She then aforementioned she worked onerous to induce to wherever she is which she’s going to not enable individuals to tarnish her name.

After calming down, she discharged a press release.

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