Bonang still waiting for her R500k from YouTuber Rea Gopane

Bonang still waiting for her R500k from YouTuber Rea Gopane

Bonang recently landed on the Twitter trends list once Mzansi complete it had been ten days since she served Rea with a letter of demand on Twitter, wherever she demanded an in depth apology and R500k for alleged damages to her name.

Media temperament Bonang Matheba has prompt that blogger Rea Gopane must face the music, once the ten days she gave him to collect and pay R500k for alleged defamation of character had irreligious.

A fan asked Bonang if she had received the R500k from Rea and she or he silent that she had not however received a cent from the vlogger. She additionally disclosed that Rea was served summons many days past.

This comes once the Youtuber, World Health Organization is one half The Rea and Black Step Podcast, alleged that another well-known celebrity had told him that Bonang had allegedly “introduced AKA to drugs”.

Bonang and AKA were antecedently during a romantic relationship.

Bonang asked her B-Force to hold back as things would before long unfold.

Meanwhile, whereas Rea hasn’t same something on his social media regarding paying the R500K, the vlogger secure a tweep that he would quote his expertise within the close to future.