Boity worried about death, Mzansi Reacts: “This Axe Is Chopping Down Every Tree”

Boity worried about death, Mzansi Reacts: “This Axe Is Chopping Down Every Tree”

Boity worried about death
Boity worried about death

Boity took to social media to reveal that she is anxious following the recent deaths of Mzansi celebrities the truth television star expressed that her anxiety is showing her flames after the deaths of individuals like Killer Kau, Mpura, and Shona Ferguson, among other celebs Social media users shared mixed reactions to Boity’s posts with some saying they’re also affected by anxiety

The recent celebrity deaths trending on social media have had a negative effect on Boity’s psychological state. The stunner shared that the recent deaths of famous people like Shona Ferguson, Mpura, Killer Kau, and lots of others have made her anxious.

She took to social media recently to open up about how the celebrity deaths, on top of the opposite deaths caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, have affected her.

The reality television star also shared that the recent “scary” deaths are “too much” for her in touch.

Social media users took to the stunner’s comment section to share their thoughts on her posts. Check out some of their comments below:

@plussizewomenSA said: “Yah ne, I’m starting to have episodes of how the world would be for my son if I die, then anxiety messes me up. Honestly I am scared.”

@MissT_Mosa wrote: “Unfortunately it won’t be stopping any time soon. We live in hope though.”

@ca_deon commented: “If you have never lost a relative in 2020 and 2021 thank God guys, every day it’s rest in peace.”

@Mhayise__ said: “Boity I’m so sorry, please don’t focus too much on the new, focus on your blossoming career and yourself. Our mental health matters.”

@CoolBlueSnow1 added: “2020 and 2021 are proving the point that sometimes money can’t save you. This axe is chopping down every tree.”

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