Blow for Mohale: No millions for him because he wasn’t legally married to Somizi

Blow for Mohale: No millions for him because he wasn’t legally married to Somizi


South African reality TV stars Somizi Mhlongo and Mohale Motaung’s divorce proceedings have allegedly hit a flaw when it had been unconcealed that the 2 ne’er registered their wedding with the department of home affairs.

Mhlongo additionally unconcealed on his reality TV program, Living the Dream with Somizi that his extremely advertised wedding has not been registered.

Idols militia decide Somizi Mhlongo met with a legal authority, Hopewell Sathekge on his reality TV show to hunt recommendation on legalising his divorce from Mohale Motaung when it had been unconcealed that the couple ne’er signed their wedding certificate because the pastor forgot to bring the papers on their day in January 2020.

Blow for Mohale: No millions for him because he wasn't legally married to Somizi 3

“I knew with the wedding there would be challenges, naturally, however there ar challenges wherever you’ll be able to see that this can be attending to hell. thus after they told U.S.A. that the pastor didn’t bring the certificates, i used to be like consider God!”

Sources on the brink of the radio personalities have unconcealed to an area publication that the non-existent wedding certificate has caused a delay in their divorce proceedings.

“Their lawyers ar in negotiations as a result of there’s an outsized estate at stake here.”

“The biggest issue is that the wedding isn’t registered and, naturally, it’d represent customary law, however that’s one thing Mohale is battling as a result of he’s not in possession of a letter proving that lobola was acquired him.”

Motaung’s family has taken a back seat as they ne’er approved of their relationship.

They ne’er likeable the connection from the go, solid a front for Mohale’s sake, and even gave Mhlongo his lobola back to him as a result of they didn’t approve of the union, consistent with the supply.

Another supply told the publication that nobody is coming back forward with a letter proving that lobola was paid despite the fact that that they had a conventional wedding in Gregorian calendar month 2019 before their white wedding.

The lobola letter would create Motaung’s case straightforward as he must prove that they were a minimum of married in customary law.

It is additionally according that Mhlongo is refusing to provide Motaung different accessible receipts to prove they were married as he stands to lose a lot of in their divorce.

Motaung additionally needs to steel oneself against a state supreme court application to possess his wedding recognized lawfully before the divorce will continue, consistent with the publication.

He might additionally gather witnesses within the absence of the lobola letter to prove his wedding, the applying prices concerning R120 000.

Customary law skilled Galaletsang Phakedi of Phakedi Attorneys told the publication that Associate in Nursing application for recognition of the wedding through the court is that the resolution within the absence of a lobola letter.

“Proof of wedding is done through affidavits and pictures.”

“The emissaries of the spouse(s) WHO were gift throughout the negotiations should be asked to depose to the affidavits.”

“If money|the money} was paid in cash, affidavits should be careful enough to elucidate what happened on the day of the negotiation and also the circumstances that diode to the loss of the lobola letter.”

Phakedi additionally aforementioned Motaung can even get documents or SMS’s in his possession wherever the creator observed him as his husband, medical care forms wherever he additional him as a married person or the other accessible info that proves that they observed one another as husbands.

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