Black Coffee’s huge wealth, as he has shares in more than 6 companies

Black Coffee’s huge wealth, as he has shares in more than 6 companies

Black Coffee's huge wealth
Black Coffee’s huge wealth

Internationally acclaimed DJ, Black Coffee has secured bags in multiple businesses that have made him one among the richest DJ’s in Africa. He’s got shares in several businesses including; cleaning businesses, clubs and a company .
The multi-award-winning DJ was also previously invited as a speaker at Midem in Cannes where he spoke about his businesses, his music etc. and stated: “We don’t need handouts except for us it’s still easier to invite money than to ascertain that we’ve money already. Africa is prepared to make a replacement Africa, where we create solutions that are by us and for us.”
These may be a list of a number of the DJ’s businesses in no particular order:

In May of 2020 the DJ acquired a big amount of shares in Gallo company . He announced that due to his investment trust which is named Flight Mode Digital, he now owns a stake within the record label.

n June of 2018, the DJ got equity in Yoco (African technology company) that builds tools and services to help in payments, smooth-running and bettering of small businesses. The DJ stated that he has over 20 000 businesses that use Yoco.

Later that year, Black Coffee owned a club called Zone 6 which may be a celebrity hotspot for ZAlebs like AKA, Kwesta, Cassper Nyovest and Euphonik.

Black Coffee features a cleaning company called Sweepsouth, which is like an Uber for home cleaning, with over 7000 cleaners.

He also has three other businesses namely: Andela , Epione Healthcare Solutions and GOSPËL which may be a restaurant, a stage, and a haven to unplug and reconnect and Yamee.

This is what he said about a number of his businesses: “This one is named Yoco it’s growing fast, we’ve over 20 000 businesses using Yoco and Yoco is to suppurt samll businesses to trade, business that can’t afford to possess your normal banking solution. I started being curious about also putting money in people apps, there’s one in South Africa called Sweepsouth and Sweepsouth is like Uber for cleaning.”