Black Coffee says “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t” after attacking on his divorce 

Black Coffee says “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t” after attacking on his divorce

Dark Coffee is feeling disheartened after the negative gathering his sorted out walk got from the general population.

The DJ has since erased his online networking post where he declares the walk which will be occurring today at 9 AM, 150 Commissioner Street, Soweto. A large portion of the negative remarks are under his web-based social networking post.

Dark Coffee’s drive was eclipsed by his chaotic open separation with Enhle Mbali, with ladies and men naming him an abuser for the treatment towards his ex. Web-based social networking featured that the way wherein he purportedly separated and kicking her and their kids out of his manor was oppressive enough.

There was likewise a lady by the name of Bonnie who professed to have been mishandled by an individual from Black Coffee’s camp and affirms that the DJ thought about it and sat idle. Leaving individuals, for example, Rosie Motene to name him an ’empowering agent’.


Subsequent to slanting for the entire day, Black Coffee chose to erase the tweet. He additionally straightforwardly reacted to the cynicism and responded with a statement “Accursed on the off chance that you do, condemned in the event that you don’t.”

He afterwards retweeted a tweet that says “What an alleviation to know we’re all blemished.”

The walk is anyway not dropped and will proceed as arranged.


Source : twittter / news365