Big Zulu scolds taxi driver, Mzansi Left In Stitches

Big Zulu scolds taxi driver, Mzansi Left In Stitches

Big Zulu was one of the most important stars of 2020 as his song ‘Imali Eningi’ dominated the music charts and social media with the viral challenge. The star has since seen a serious step into success and fame as many shared their admiration of his rap style. it’s no secret that his aesthetics are supported Zulu lifestyle and elegance as he refers to himself as inkabi, he has grown up in a place where he experienced all of the latter. He shared that he also wont to be a taxi driver during this video that was shared on Instagram.

Big Zulu is often seen having a conversation with someone who appears to be his old flame and is currently a taxi driver. The rapper didn’t twiddle my thumbs as he reprimanded the guy over the behavior of current taxi drivers as he shared that they need to drop the quality as compared to his days within the field. He visited share that new-age taxi drivers don’t respect their careers and carry themselves professionally. He shared that a lot of taxi drivers don’t dress neatly and look out for their cars, instead they smoke with passengers inside the car and careless.

Here’s a link to the video below :

South Africans reacted to the hilarious video shared on Instagram, take a glance at a number of the comments :

many to undermine the taxi service and perceive it as a low-class job when it wont to be an honor and pleasure for several to be a part of “> a part of this vital part of the South African economy. Although this an independent industry with little to no rules regarding appearance and professional behavior, many still take it to themselves to supply superb service to the commuters.

South was left in stitches by this exchange between Big Zulu and his friend. Many reiterated that his statement was actually true watching the present standard within the business. Taxi drivers have earned an unfavorable reputation during recent years and this has somewhat affected the industry directly and indirectly. it had been good to ascertain the star chilling within the hood and mingling with old friends as he once more provided his humility to fans despite being the most important name within the country at the instant.