Big Brother Titans: Nigerians accused of being xenophobic

Big Brother Titans: Nigerians accused of being xenophobic

Big Brother Titans: Nigerians accused of being xenophobic
Big Brother Titans: Nigerians accused of being xenophobic

Big Family elephants has been raising since Sunday, 15 January 2022. still, it seems that the intention of the show isn’t giving what many anticipated when it was touted that it’ll feature both South Africans and Nigerians living together in the Big Family manse.

For times now, South Africans have been labeled as jingoistic. Indeed by Nigerian stars like Tiwa Savage and Burna Boy. This is despite coming to the country after making unsupported allegations on that South Africa is dangerous for Nigerians.

As similar, for observers now tuned in to Big Brother elephants, it seems that South Africans might not be as jingoistic as suggested when compared to the sentiments participated by their Nigerian counterparts.
Big Brother Titans: Nigerians accused of being xenophobic 3

observers of BB elephants have picked up that the womanish Nigerian housemates, specifically Jenni O, Olivia, Yvonne, and Jaypee have formed their own crowd in the Big Brother House. A fact which on the face makes sense considering that they partake the same nation.

still, it sluggishly came clear that their crowd was formed in an trouble to separate themselves from the South African housemates. Especially following their subtle obnoxious commentary. More so when Yvonne appertained to the South African womanish “ housemates ” as effects.

also, the subtle other subliminal attacks on South Africans in general. A fact which has led numerous on the timeline opining on how the world view suggests that South Africans are jingoistic against other African ethnicities. still, with the show, it becomes clear that perhaps South Africans are accommodating to a fault as they’ve yet to date made commentary on their Nigerian housemates.

As similar, the show might not live up to its true intention. Which ahead of the premiere was participated as

MultiChoice and DStv have blazoned what will most clearly be one of the Biggest seasons of the Big Brother ballot yet BIG Family elephants! which will commence on Sunday 15 January 2023, live on DStv.

This special edition of the Big Brother ballot will feature named housemates from South Africa and Nigeria in one House, playing the game for the ultimate prize.

publicizing the inception of the show and prize plutocrat, Administrative Head of Programming M- Net Channels Nomsa Philiso, has bared that Big Brother elephants edition will run for until April and the winner will tote home a cash prize of R2 million.

Piliso also spoke on the intention of blending the two formerly successful ballot with BB elephants by explaining that

“ Big Brother elephants is a special edition of the extensively loved Big Family show. This special edition is a emulsion of two television marvels, BB Mzansi and BBNaija. We’re bringing housemates from two GIANT nations, South Africa and Nigeria, under one roof, to give entertainment cult across the mainland a show of violent drama like noway ahead. We’re telling our followership to be ready for the biggest preemption on television starting from January 15, 2023. It promises an cornucopia of South African and Nigerian loot, badinage, love, and everything in between. ”

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