B eauty had no clue just how evil her stepson is on Isibaya !

She’s been left fighting for her life in hospital after Qaphela poisoned her wine. Beauty and her husband Judas underestimated their son as they covered his tracks after the love of his life, Zanele, died.

Qaphela was shattered when he found Zanele cold in their home. And because he knew Beauty wanted her out of his life, he did everything in his power to find out if she was involved in her death.

He found out the truth and he had been determined to avenge the death of his soulmate – at all costs! If Judas doesn’t watch his back, he could be next.

On The Queen, the Mabuzas and Khozas have been paranoid since Captain Jerry Maake started playing tricks on them.

Jerry had been trying to get Brutus, Shaka, Gracious, Goodness and Kea to turn state witness and throw Harriet under the bus. Shaka and Goodness seemed keen to seal the deal but Harriet’s been trying to buy time so she could come up with a plan. Her lawyer Sandra Stein wanted her deposit upfront before she would work on her case, but Harriet’s money is almost finished.

Could this be the end of the drug queen?