Basetsana Kumalo ‘s beautiful portrait thrilled her 

Basetsana Kumalo ‘s beautiful portrait thrilled her

A lot to her consternation she’d be totally overpowered by the last item. Taking to Twitter, Basetsana shared a video of the makings of the life-size picture. OMG! An adolescent, Dr Tiza Khumalo associated, inquisitive with respect to whether he could paint a portrayal of me, I put confidence in youths and said ‘yes’


“I am overpowered by your great delineation of me. The sight and size of it … it absolutely takes my breath away. Ngiyabonga Mntungwa. Gifts.”

Bassie similarly shared snaps of Tiza holding the portrayal in the roads of Johannesburg with a caption that read, “Zozibini said ‘we ought to consume room’, well you closed we should accept authority over the streets as well”, implying the skilled worker’s choice of snapping the photograph.

She furthermore explained how she “liked” the woman she found in the mirror and the choices she has made, as she esteemed herself and all that she’s endure.