Ayanda Borotho can help : Her vocal about hair struggles that affect people during the lockdown

Ayanda Borotho can help : Her vocal about hair struggles that affect people during the lockdown

With salons and hairdressers closed during the nationwide lockdown, author and actress Ayanda Borotho has created a platform to help those struggling to “tame” their hair.

Ayanda has been vocal on social media about pressing issues that affect many people and businesses during the lockdown, and took to Instagram this week to speak about the affect the regulations had on hairdressers.

“My heart goes out to small business owners who are really suffering during this time. I have been engaging with my hairdresser, Mary from Ghana, and you’d know that many hairdressers in our salons are not from home.

“My plea to you is that if you know of anybody whose a hairdresser that you absolutely adore and love, please don’t forget them, assist them where you can.”

The actress also mentioned hair care manufacturers who depend on salons to buy products from them, and encouraged her fans to buy the products if they can.

She said that by doing so they would help keep businesses alive.

“If you can and still have the buying and spending power please buy South African products to support businesses, so that their doors will be opened during this trying time.

“I want to do a little challenge where we talk about hair in the time of coronavirus. What have been your struggles knowing that you can’t go to the salon? How have you been maintaining your hair and how do you feel about your hair,” she asked.


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We’ve had many challenges during this time. Simple very day “nice to do’s” taken away. I know that as a country we have real struggles that are nowhere near “hair”. Men included! But the truth is in our judgemental mindsets, we must accept that we have different struggles because our realities are different. Yes I have food, but I also have other frustrating challenges…certainly nowhere close to what our people are facing. We may talk hair but the truth is even this conversation is broad on who it actually affects! Hairstylists, many from outside SA have no income. Some salons will not recover after this. And hair product manufactures…most of whose turnover is from the bulk salon sales. Then there’s us…the end user, trying to manage our hair struggles and those of our kids…Maybe on a lighter note today we can share our struggles? How are you managing? I had a friend who just CUT IT ALL OFF! Please a comment with #IAmMyHair Share how you’re coping, MEN have your say too. Are you having to do your lady’s hair, undo braids and weaves, blow dry????? #IAmMyHair Brought to you by @easywavesza

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