Anele Mdoda’s Underwear Drama – Video

Anele Mdoda’s Underwear Drama – Video

Anele Mdoda’s Underwear Drama – Video 3
Okay, so remember when Anele Mdoda went on Twitter to skinny shame and she got dragged from then to Timbuktu for it? No? Have a look at the story below to refresh your memory.

Well, the dragging did n’t really get to her. She has thick skin; no pun intended.
Now she has a ridiculous story about how being thick contributed to her nearly having a heart attack. Speaking on the radio show she hosts, Anele and The Club, she talked about how her undergarments spooked her half to death. Supposedly, because of cargo slipping, she was home in the dark, and went off to take a shower.

While in the shower, she naturally took off her undergarments, but it rolled up into the shape of a koeksister, like they would generally do. She left it lying on the bottom in the shower because, well, she was in the dark, and she decided to let it be hereafter’s problem, when she can actually see.

The drama came when she woke up in the middle of the night to use the restroom. Because she was still partial asleep and foggy, she saw the undergarments rolled up in the corner and incontinently allowed “ SNAKE!” She jumped on the Gomorrah table in horror, but also wondered why the snake was n’t moving, only to realise it was her undergarments and not a snake. I can picture Anele on top of the Gomorrah table and it’s a ridiculous image.

Her co hosts couldn’t understand why she’d mistake her undergarments for a snake, until she explained that it’s because there’s simply further of it, so in a koeksister shape, it would be long. They also combed her for her big undergarments, indeed saying that she’s single-handedly keeping the cloth assiduity alive.

It was all a funny light-hearted moment, but it did get us allowing about that skinny smirching tweet. I mean, Anele, you know who would n’t be shocked by their undergarments? The “ configurations”. It’s all in good fun, however, because that story literally took us out. Why would you throw toothpaste at a snake, Anele? What would that negotiate?

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