Anele Mdoda had a few words to say about the easing of restrictions for runners.

Anele Mdoda had a few words to say about the easing of restrictions for runners.

TV personality Anele Mdoda and broadcaster Redi Tlhabi are some of the celebrities who joined the conversation about running under the new eased restrictions of the level 4 lockdown.

While people all over Mzansi were seething at government’s decision to U-turn on the sale of cigarettes, on the opposite side of the spectrum, runners were excited about the easing of restrictions that now allow them to exercise outside.

However, it seemed some were still confused as to how they are supposed to go about it. Anele took to her Twitter TL to break it down for folks, who she thought were going the extra mile to try to complicate a simple issue.

“Guys the time limitations are not saying corona does not exist between 6-9am, it’s saying if you want to jog so bad here is your chance. Serious runners do so that early anyway,” she said.

The presenter explained the rationale she saw in the restrictions and the easing thereof. She asked people to use their common sense and always think about how every limitation that has been put in place was for their own safety.

“All regulations are to limit your time out and your chances of interacting and spreading Covid-19. The chances of everyone getting it is high but we can’t all get it at the same time. That is the disaster.”

Anele pointed out the importance of being rational when taking advantage of the level 4 easing of restrictions.

Redi, who is an avid runner, shared her excitement and further two cents on the matter.

“The idea that residents of a neighbourhood all run in the same direction is absurd. We also don’t stop and socialise. A wave at most, as we head in different directions, distances, and pace. I can count the number of times I’ve bumped into my own husband during a run. Each has own route, own rhythm,” Redi explained.

“I don’t know about others, but my running club and various running groups and mates, all missed running but reiterated [the] need to abide by the rules. We exercised at home and adhered to the rules. We got through it. I hope the same adherence continues during level 4. No groups! No races!”

Redi is beside herself with joy that she will be able to run again.