Andile Mpisane’s wife Tamia Mpisane shows off baby bump – Photos

Andile Mpisane’s wife Tamia Mpisane shows off baby bump – Photos

Andile Mpisane
Andile Mpisane

Tamia Mpisane has been rumoured to be pregnant for the longest time. Yesterday she shared a video of herself showing her pregnant belly. within the video, she’s carrying black leggings and a becoming textile silk shirt. Her abdomen appearance spherical so healthy, and she’s glowing.

Whether Tamia was pregnant or not, we have a tendency to couldn’t ensure. Her gestation rumours started current from her day on the seventeenth of Gregorian calendar month in 2021. None of her relations confirmed a gestation.

Ever since Tamia got married to Andile, she has attended totally different nightclubs. She additionally Saturday around those that drank and expose with varied alcoholic drinks on her hands. She expose with champagne bottles and glasses, however no one knew if she drank them or not.

The gestation rumours circulated; she stopped posting full-body footage of herself. She primarily announce selfies of her face; once she finally expose for full footage, she wore article of clothing that also hid her abdomen. She had 2 outfit changes on her day, and each attires hid her belly region.
Andile Mpisane’s wife Tamia Mpisane shows off baby bump – Photos 3
People didn’t believe a pregnant girl may club such a lot with all the symptom she did. Also, she ofttimes consumes food, and everybody is aware of most food merchandise square measure dangerous for unborn babies.

No doubt with all the symptom and move with alcoholic beverages. Mzansi unbroken warning Tamia to prevent drinking. Some individuals known as her reckless and assumed she was solely move with the drinks for content. She was perpetually defendant of golf shot her unborn kid or youngsters in danger for craniate Alcoholic Syndrome.

People who met and saw Tamia publically over the past few months according to many Mzansi tabloids that she is so pregnant. Neither Tamia, Andile, nor MaMkhize publically spoke concerning her gestation.

Tamia appears to be hospitable finally sharing her gestation snaps, which can be the primary of the many. Congratulations to her and Andile for the approaching bundle or bundles of joy.

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