AKA posts “HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD” – like father like son

AKA posts “HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD” – like father like son

AKA posts “HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD” – like father like son

Yesterday was AKA’s dad’s birthday and Papa Forbes got showered with adoration and wishes from his group. Now and then it is the most notable individuals who venture out of the spotlight to let the individuals who they love sparkle, and AKA’s father is unquestionably one of those individuals.

We went over AKA’s birthday post to his dad and saw the uncanny likeness the two offer – like dad like child.

While Supa Mega’s momma Lynn Forbes has made an open name for herself, it is a rare occurrence we see Papa Forbes standing out as truly newsworthy. Otherwise known as has never neglected to offer his thanks for his dad and the amount he has shown him, however it appears the spotlight just ain’t his vibes. Taking to online life to wish his dad a glad birthday, AKA went for a stroll through a world of fond memories, sharing pictures that made them investigate ensure they weren’t of AKA. Otherwise known as is a duplicate of his dad!

Fans took to the remark segment to communicate their stun. These two resemble a copy of each other.

Otherwise known as tweet 1

Child Forbes additionally took to internet based life to wish her Papa a cheerful birthday. Kairo adores her Oupa Forbes! “Conceived ON THE 4TH OF JULY! Glad Birthday Papa! ❤️ … . “Oupa and Ouma Forbes” were both conceived in July with me! #julybabies.”