after her exit on Idols SA, Nqobie Linda shares her future plans

after her exit on Idols SA, Nqobie Linda shares her future plans

after her exit on Idols SA, Nqobie Linda shares her future plans 3
After her shock exit on Sunday night, Idols SA fan-favourite Nqobie Linda can forever hold dear regular decide Randall Abrahams line her one among his favorite singers on the truth TV show.

The 29-year-old singer came wanting advancing into the highest five, with Berry, Kevin, Karabo, S22’Kile and Daylin Sass advancing to consecutive spherical.

Speaking to Sowetan on weekday, Linda delineated being Abrahams’s favorite as “crazy and an incredible factor to be seen in such a light”, particularly considering that he’s not simply affected.

“For him to ascertain the potential that I even have was a stunning factor to witness. I don’t recognize if that affected the votes in my favour as a result of folks vote for World Health Organization they require to vote for, regardless of his influence,” Linda aforesaid.

Another highlight for her on the show was once fellow musician Zonke likable a rendition of Feelings that Linda performed time period past

“I was quite unhappy realising that my journey had return to associate degree finish however i used to be happy for Kevin and therefore the alternative contestants. I wouldn’t say my dreams square measure crushed as a result of i think God has one thing else future on behalf of me,” Linda aforesaid.

“Obviously, the dream of winning Idols SA {is one thing|are some things|are a few things} that’s not aiming to happen however i used to be hoping for something higher. the simplest recommendation i used to be told was ‘to have fun’ and to not stress an excessive amount of as a result of I tend to worry tons. perhaps it stems from my insecurities that I don’t assume i’m ok.

“Being on the show has helped vastly as a result of I need to see what number folks believe American state and my talent and though I don’t see myself being ought to have something.”

Having endowed tons of your time and energy in staying within the singing competition, the Soweto-born singer admitted that she got conversant in living within the Idols house.

“We’ve been here for 2 months and some of weeks; I grew terribly keen on this room, it felt like home. i used to be terribly emotional last night however seeing myself pack my baggage straight away has left American state content though i feel I’ll be even a lot of unhappy once I leave my area.

“I can return for the finale as support however it’s terribly unhappy deed knowing that I’m deed the competition and solely coming as support. Despite not managing to secure my spot within the high five, i’m happy for the expertise.”

Linda further that she is going to miss the hunger and fervour from the opposite hopefuls. “I’ve learnt that I will sing and dance, that are some things I required support on as a result of I ne’er thought I had what it takes,” Linda aforesaid.

“Being systematically told that ‘you {are|ar|area unit|square American stateasure} lovely and appearance good’ are some things i will be able to undoubtedly take with me going forward.”

Linda hopes to secure doable collaborations with former Idol SA contestants World Health Organization have adult to be larger stars like Lloyiso and Shekhinah.

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