Actress Sonia Mbele about Menzi Ngubane’s death – ‘You will always be Ntombi’s soulmate’

Actress Sonia Mbele about Menzi Ngubane’s death – ‘You will always be Ntombi’s soulmate’

Sonia Mbele about Menzi Ngubane11
Sonia Mbele about Menzi Ngubane11

The country has been mourning the passing of legendary actor Menzi Ngubane. Fans, friends, and colleagues have taken to social media to pay tribute to the actor.

It came as a surprise as Sonia Mbele, WHO compete Menzi’s onscreen husband on Generations announce nothing concerning his passing till recently. Taking to Twitter, the role player unconcealed why she took ciao to post concerning Ngamla’s untimely death.

While a guest on Phat Joe’s nervy roof of the mouth beside Skeem Saam actor Cedric Fourie, Joe Kazadi, and man of science Buyisile Mncina. These guests touched on the challenges folks face once it involves co-parenting and single adulthood.

Sonia Mbele’s wedding to ex professional Leslie Sedibe became the highlight of the show and as invariably Phat Joe’s queries triggered Sonia.

The panel was talking concerning finances in raising youngsters which topic became a touch too personal for Sonia, as she was once suspect of marrying Leslie for his ‘millions.’

“People have invariably aforementioned Sonia married for cash, I’m like where? That guy earned a pay. He visited work, would take his grip with him, click so earn his pay at the tip of the month. He was ne’er a BEE or tenderpreneur, we tend to each earned a pay.”

The topic got a touch an excessive amount of for Sonia as she nearly stony-broke down, however control back her tears and continued emanation. She aforementioned their wedding and divorce was terribly ugly.

“Who am I married to? after you awaken so want ‘I love you nowadays, then again I hate you tomorrow’ style of factor. It doesn’t add up however it can be that ugly.

“There was a time after we didn’t represent years, and that i am comfy talking concerning this currently, however there was a time once I wasn’t. the rationale i’m comfy concerning this now could be as a result of my children ar big and sufficiently old to grasp, decipher, asses and decide…what i’m voice communication currently can now not be a shocker to them,” she detached.

Speaking concerning the inwardness of their wedding, Sonia unconcealed that her ex Leslie created her quit her job on Generations as Ntombi as a result of he wasn’t comfy with seeing her obtaining knowledgeable about another man. Sonia compete Ntombi on the previous Generations from 2003 up till 2009. Her reason for quitting the show was as a result of her relationship with onscreen husband Sibusiso Dlomo, compete by Menzi Ngubane was too uncomfortable for Leslie.

Sonia then unconcealed that he started off by proscribing her from observation the soapie to then asking her to quit. His dominant ways in which were an excessive amount of for Sonia to handle therefore she then had her mother mediate to do and realize basis.

Sonia and Leslie tied the knot in 2006 once qualitative analysis for one or two of years. Their fairytale wedding became bitter and was hanging by a thread, until the couple WHO have 3 youngsters set to decision it equal in 2014 once being along for eight years.