Actress Enhle Mbali finally have something to smile about.

Actress Enhle Mbali finally have something to smile about.

Amid the continued drama between Enhle and her soon-to-be ex-husband Black Coffee, the actress a minimum of has something to smile about. She just revealed her latest magazine cover on True Love Magazine.

In her post, she describes herself because the flower that grew out of concrete. the difficulty celebrates Mbali’s 18-year career within the show business and she’ll be opening up about her family, children and letting go.

Could this be Enhle Mbali’s highly-anticipated tell-all interview? On the 7th of May 2021, an emotional Enhle took to social media to tell her fans that she is going to be spilling everything and she or he was done protecting that man.

“I decided to form this video because I even have been silent. I even have been harassed, I even have been intimidated for the longest of times. And I’m here emotional today because I wasn’t granted a protection order,” she expressed within the viral video.

“This man lied within the court of law. Saying he went under my arm, as tall as he’s when he knows alright that he hit me. He struck my hand twice and pushed me into our marital property. I don’t feel safe as he’s also psychologically messing with my children. Which is why I had to face up and fight for myself. He called my children, telling them to prevent this whole case. And my child was crying. My child told me that he doesn’t desire a toddler anymore. due to the divorce, because he’s got new siblings then many other things.” She continued.

“I am tired, and that i am saying – i’m now getting to talk. I’m getting to spare absolutely nothing. Absolutely nothing that went on which in my marital home. this is often just an opener, to say, women, we’d like to prevent protecting these men. We keep saying we try to create a black nation and that’s what i used to be trying to try to to . I didn’t want to be that woman to interrupt down a person whom numerous love. But that man is breaking me down and that i am saying enough is enough!”

Ending off her video, Mbali said that she’d be hosting a news conference and would be presenting evidence to prove that she was abused.

“Today is that the Judgment Day i’m silenced by any cause but my very own which is GBV. Today is that the Judgment Day , the Judgment Day i will be able to speak. So all the media houses – remember that I’ll be doing a news conference and therein news conference i will be able to bring evidence and that i will bring text message, i will be able to bring absolutely everything that was lied about,” she closed off.