Actress and TV presenter Lerato Mvelase goes back to schoool

Actress and TV presenter Lerato Mvelase goes back to school

Actress and TV presenter Lerato Mvelase goes back to schoool 3

MEDIA temperament Lerato Mvelase has gone back to highschool.

The gifted thespian and television presenter has registered for a postgraduate credentials in business management, and he or she took the chance to encourage others and shared that if they need the desire to travel back to highschool, they shouldn’t hesitate to try to to thus because it isn’t late.

The former Isibaya thespian has shared that she incorporates a new goal for the year.

“I’m learning towards my post graduate credentials in business management which feels thus smart. i do know somebody required to listen to this. choose it mum/dad. It’s ne’er too late. our children merit it,” she said.

Encouraging individuals any, Lerato shared however it took her ten years to complete her degree, however she ne’er gave up.

“It took Maine ten years to complete my communications degree, whereas everybody I started with finished on record time, that was four years. ethical of the story, ne’er compare your state of affairs to others for your circumstances area unit terribly completely different. At that point, i used to be raising my children, breastfeeding and also the different and dealing.”

“It wasn’t simple, felt like dropping by the wayside tons of times however those very little faces required somebody to seem up to, required a thought and that i had to form certain that I’m that inspiration. I had to form certain I facilitate them see the chance of achieving during a world that says they can’t,” she terminated.

Lerato isn’t the sole media temperament WHO recently went back to highschool. Maskandi creator Xolani “Shilisi” Langa has gone back to highschool and he’s a pupil at Bongumenzi Gymnasium in Nquthu, KZN.

He aforesaid when finishing his admission, he hoped to continue and study any and pursue his long dream of changing into a attorney.

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