Aaron Moloisi and Innocent Matijane in a real relationship and they confirmed it

Aaron Moloisi and Innocent Matijane in a real relationship and they confirmed it

Aaron Moloisi has put fans during a frenzy when he revealed his new bae and it’s non-other than Moja Love’s Innocent Matijane.

The two media personalities broke the web once they came out as a few and shared an image that tells a thousand words. But, they solidified their relationship with the word “finally.

This suggests that they need been keeping their relationship covert for a short time now but gained the courage to finally begin. They did a really good job of hiding their relationship because the news came as a surprise to several but they wished them nothing but the simplest. They reportedly met at the Moja Love studios, because the two of them work for an equivalent company.

Innocent Matijane, from Moja Love’s The Way Ngingakhona, confused many of his followers who thought he was single. This was caused by his continuous rants on social media about how difficult it’s for him to seek out love.

The embarrassing rejection he faced on the truth show left him broken and he took to social media to vent. “I bought him things for his birthday, guys please I’m a clown. What a wow!” Inno remarked. “Yhu ha.a I’m embarrassed. I fooled & played myself. I pray MJ finds someone he loves. I will be able to forever respect him for being there on behalf of me once I needed him. He’s an honest person but not good on behalf of me,” a tragic and disheartened Inno said.

Seasoned actor Aaron Moloisi has been linked to several females who many speculated were his partners, however since beginning and boldly stating he’s a homosexual, he was then linked to a dressmaker Siphesihle Masango. Aaron and Siphesihle posted similar pictures of a getaway in Mozambique, round the same time. albeit he never admitted it, it had been as clear as day that the 2 were on a vacation.

Innocent has lived his life and continues to try to so, as an open shirt lifter. He even introduced us to his female friend.

As an openly gay person, Innocent was livid at the treatment he has been receiving due to his s.e.xuality from society.

“Ever since my tweet yesterday about how I used to be denied customer service due to my sexuality, I’ve seen a variety of individuals who have validated on behalf of me that nothing has changed. People really pull a front about accepting the LGBTQ+ community. I’m appalled, hurt & disappointed,” he said.