A look into MacG’s controversial past

A look into MacG’s controversial past

A look into MacG’s controversial past
A look into MacG’s controversial past

MacG is substantially known for having a razor-sharp lingo that lands him in trouble more frequently than not. But whilst the controversial radio personality has made it clear he’s not for everyone, he continues to make captions for all the wrong reasons.

And with every reproach, the Podcast and Chill host’s character takes another knock.
But MacG has been dabbling with contestation since his early days in the assiduity. Then’s a look back at his biggest dishonors …

In 2010 MacG was suspended from YFM for making a series of homophobic commentary, including saying he “ hates gay people”.

The incident was reported to the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa (BCCSA) and the DJ was latterly dismissed.
MacG apologised for his commentary on social media, posting “ I ’d like to profusely apologise to everyone I offended during my show last month when I made reference to homosexuality. Sincere justifications”.


Before this time MacG was slammed for making transphobic jokes about US reality Television star Caitlyn Jenner.

MacG and hisco-presenter Sol Phenduka also poked fun at SA media personality SIv Ngesi after he revealed his drag queen persona Sivanna.

The brace’s commentary led to finance Old Collective pulling the draw on the podcast. They said in a statement “ We part ourselves from the dangerous commentary against the LGBTQI community and humanity at large.”
MacG courted contestation formerly again for making another transphobic joke last month. This time he mocked actor Vuyo Dabula’s sexual hassle with a transgendered woman.

The open star’s comment led to Amstel Lager dropping their backing of Podcast and Chill.

The brand said in a statement “ The Amstel brand, locally and encyclopedically, is centred around fellowship and addition of all people, anyhow of gender, race or sexual exposure, without demarcation, and we part ourselves from any transphobic and homophobic views”.
Before this time, MacG and his platoon issued a public reason for commentary that were “ homophobic, transphobic and veritably distasteful”.

They said in a statement “ Out of this experience, we’ve been suitable to learn and educate ourselves about social issues and to know where we must draw the line from what’s expressed as a joke and when a‘ joke’infringes upon someone differently’s freedom.”
MacG also claimed that he and his platoon would suffer diversity training with respects to issues faced by the LGBTIQ community.

But more concerning than all of his commentary was an incident in 2018 where MacG was indicted of assaulting his baby ma

According to reports, MacG’s gal indicted him of “ remonstrating” and “ beating” her “ to a pulp”.

According to Sowetan, MacG’s gal alleges the argument demurred off after he indicted her of cheating.

She said in an affidavit “ I was sleeping when my swain precipitously came to our bedroom and asked to see my phone. When I asked him why he demanded to see my phone, he strongly took it from me and also pressed it. Later he started to assault me each over my body with his open hands and he also demurred me”.

MacG spent a night in police guardianship. His gal latterly dropped charges against him.

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