A big hit for Uthando Lodumo viewers; Mampintsha’s mom left the show

A big hit for Uthando Lodumo viewers; Mampintsha’s mom left the show

Uthando Lodumo
Uthando Lodumo

Mampintsha‘s mother, battle of Zama Gumede, and his sister, Pinki, have drop his show, Uthando Lodumo. They were a part of season 2 and had shot concerning seven episodes however battle of Zama same she was ne’er procured season one.

“I ne’er wished to air his reality show, however Mampintsha begged Maine to be a part of Uthando Lodumo.

“He even mentioned different celebrity families UN agency were creating cash from being reality stars.

“I eventually united. however I ne’er received cash for the primary season.

“I didn’t question it at the time as a result of he’s my son and that i didn’t wish to jeopardize his possibilities of being triple-crown,” she said.

Zama same she conjointly refused to try to to season 2.

“I was not interested as a result of I might see i used to be being exploited.

“But Mampintsha and Showmax management begged Maine to be a part of Uthando Lodumo once more.

“We united that I’d be paid AN unrevealed payment per episode,” she said.

She same she solely received R10 000, that she wasn’t positive what it absolutely was for.

“I’m thus complaining as a result of Showmax has didn’t keep its promise, nonetheless they’re creating cash out of Maine.

“When I asked them concerning payment, they gave Maine a paper upon that was written R20 000.

“They same i have to write my details thereon, that I did. however I still don’t perceive what that R20 000 was concerning or what that piece of paper was concerning. but one in all Showmax’s officers told Maine that I ought to be obtaining R20 000 per episode not for the complete production,” she said.

Some of the episodes battle of Zama did embrace the episode wherever Babes Wodumo apologized to her for publically insulting her.

She same she still required to try to to different episodes. , that embrace her grandchild’s birthday and also the white wedding.“As we tend to speak they’re making ready a white wedding which is able to be someday in Gregorian calendar month or August. They’ll conjointly perform umabo (gifts for the in-laws). however “I have taken a choice to depart this show,But I’ll not participate within the show unless they furnish Maine my cash,” same battle of Zama.

“Sponges’s initial birthday is on sixteen Gregorian calendar month and I’m purported to get him a gift. I can’t afford to not get him a gift as a result of he’s my initial grandchild. however I don’t have cash, Showmax is refusing to pay Maine,” same battle of Zama.

Pinki same they bought their own garments and arranged their own transport to travel to line.

“All of this is often cost accounting U.S. as a result of we’re not obtaining paid. however Showmax takes care of Babes Wodumo and her family I’m angry as a result of i used to be ne’er procured the primary season. “For this season, I’ve done concerning seven episodes and that i was paid R5 000. i used to be told I’d be obtaining more cash on one Gregorian calendar month, however I ne’er received it,” she said.

She same she approached Thomas Gumede and Lungile Radu, UN agency turn out the show, however they neglected her.

“I conjointly asked Babes Wodumo and he or she secure to revert back to Maine. For this reason, I even have determined to prevent shooting Uthando Lodumo till i purchase my cash,” she said.

Executive head of programming at MultiChoice, Nomsa Philiso, said: “While we tend to ar involved whenever problems like these ar raised, we tend to respect that the connection between forged and production firms is subject to the agreements between them.”

“We do but caution all our content suppliers that any behaviour that doesn’t accord with our values won’t be tolerated.”

Philiso confirmed that season 2 of Uthando Lodumo is coming back, however she couldn’t make sure a premiere date.

Mampintsha, Babes Wodumo, also as producers Thomas Gumede and Lungile Radu, were contacted for comment however they didn’t respond at the time of reaching to print. . They conjointly didn’t answer calls and neglected the reminders sent to them.

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