Condolences : Chi Mhende Mourns Grandma’s Passing

Condolences : Chi Mhende Mourns Grandma’s Passing

Death always comes unannounced and the Mhende family had no choice but to, welcome this rude guest into her lives.

The former Generations:The Legacy actress, Chi Mhende bared it all on Instagram – detailing the pain of losing her beloved grandmother, whom she affectionately referred to as Gogo Mhende.

The talented Zimbabwean actress recalled how her grandmother would spoil her rotten as a child, and will forever cherish the unconditional love that she showed towards her, throughout her life.

Ms_Jonas_SA: ”sad thing to wake up to, may the Gracious lord grant you the strength to be well in this sad moment Chi…Rest in power GogoMhende✊?❤️”

Prettana: ”Aaaw very sorry for your loss Sis,may her soul RIP,chema netariro.”

Ndevu_N: ”Condolences to you queen and the rest of the Mhende family..RIP gogo.”