Khune’s bae Sphelele: They said we wouldn’t last 6 months

Khune’s bae Sphelele: They said we wouldn’t last 6 months

Sphelele Makhunga has thrown shade at those who predicted her relationship with footballer Itumeleng Khune would not last, telling them that she has had the last laugh.

The couple’s relationship has hogged headlines ever since they went Instagram official last year, with many sharing their two cents on the union.

Sis has seen it all and recently weighed in on a social media conversation about their romance by explaining that she prefers to keep quiet and watch her haters make fools of themselves.

“We are quietly watching them. They said ‘it won’t last, I am giving them six months”, but look at us now, married and expecting,” she said on her Instagram Stories recently.

Her comments came just hours after she told a follower that she was not fazed by those who claimed her bae would soon dribble her.

“I didn’t and still don’t give a damn about what they had to say, Yaz! Busy bashing other people’s relationships kodwa no-one judges their sad relationships,” she wrote.

Itu has previously slammed those who criticise his relationship with Sphelele, saying it was his life and his decisions.

“Can I live my life in peace please,” he added.