Chicco Twala handing his son, Longwe, over to the police has gone viral

Chicco Twala handing his son, Longwe, over to the police has gone viral

A video of Chicco Twala handing his son, Longwe, over to the police has gone viral. Chicco blasted his son for stealing and instructed the police to deal with him harshly.

Longwe Twala is in police custody, but not for the reasons you think! The troubled son of music mogul Chicco Twala was arrested for stealing and it was his own father who handed him in to the police. Video footage of the entire encounter was leaked online by popular Twitter account @AdvoBarryRoux who has kept close tabs on the Twala family for some time now.

October 31, 2014. Longwe Twala the son of 80s bubble gum musician Sello Chicco Twala who was at Kelly Khumalo’s mother house when Senzo Meyiwa was fatally shot and later died from the injuries while enrute being taken to hospital on Sunday the 19th in Vosloorus. : Sunday World. Pic. By Tsheko Kabasia.

The video could not be more damning for the Twalas, who were unaware of the secret recording. In the video, a solemn Longwe can be seen sitting across the desk from a police officer while his father yells at him without restraint. We quickly learn by watching the video that Chicco handed his son in for stealing, and his anger and humiliation are evident as he tells the police that they should shoot him if he dares run away.

Chicco, who could barely contain his rage, can be heard saying things like, “‘You were even wearing an EFF t-shirt when you were stealing’, you want Julius to harass me, say Chicco’s son & what all that sh*t. EFF doesn’t stand for such sh*t, EFF doesn’t stand for people who steal, Marete ao.”

He also adds, “Put a bullet on him, if he runs away, shoot him,”

Watch the video below:

As you will have heard, Chicco also yelled, “I would never stand for this sh*t. My name has been destroyed [because of Longwe]. Everyone when they see Chicco, they see a criminal and drug lord,”

Chicco is referring to the fact that he and Longwe have been placed at the heart of the Senzo Meyiwa murder as well as its alleged cover-up. The music legend can be heard wishing that it was Longwe who killed Senzo so that he could rot in jail.

“Man’s Not Barry Roux” was the Twitter account that first launched a wild conspiracy theory which suggested that Longwe had killed Senzo and that his father had helped him, Kelly and Zandi Khumalo cover up the events of the night Senzo was murdered. This is significant because this viral video has refreshed people’s memories on the details of that conspiracy and it’s no surprise that “Senzo Meyiwa” is currently trending alongside Chicco and Longwe Twala’s names.

In short, this video has only fuelled suspicions that the two Twalas were involved on that fateful night:

Chicco Twala was contacted by City Press and he confirmed his son is currently behind bars before he added,“I even chased him from my house. He is now a street kid.”

What do you think will happen to Longwe, and do you think Chicco will somehow be implicated in the Senzo Meyiwa CasE?